Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mr alexander's 6 key steps to development

* Reinforce key anti-corruption bodies, such as the High Office for Oversight and the Control and Audit Office.

* Channel aid through government systems. Only twenty percent of aid currently goes through the Afghan government.

* Support government efforts to provide necessary agricultural supplies, including seeds and fertilizers. The agricultural sector has the potential to create millions of jobs, in addition to providing food security.

* Ensure a consistent power structure and progression of responsibility from local councils through to the provincial governors and the central government in Kabul, across all provinces. A clear national framework will reduce inter-governmental squabbling and strengthen the idea of Afghanistan as a nation.

* Coordinate aid through the UN Assistance Mission to Afghanistan. The donor community should also coordinate and clearly communicate its expectations to the Afghan government,

* Speed up the transfer of civilian and military institutions to Afghan control after the August elections.


Q: you described the border – that you cited – as one of the most dangerous
places in the world. And as you may know, there are millions of refugees spilling over into Pakistan every day. Will any of the aid or any of the political stability you cited be targeted towards those areas or, perhaps, the North-Western Frontier Province of Pakistan?

MR.DOUGLAS ALEXANDER: (Secretary of State for international development, United Kingdom) Well, if you look at the work of my department, Pakistan is now our
second-largest bilateral aid program anywhere in the world. And this year we, in light of the level ofinternal displacement, have made significant contributions to the humanitarian efforts that are
required. There is more work to be done in relation to that continuing humanitarian challenge, but Britain, of course, is but one actor in relation to support for Pakistan. And I know that there areother countries who are also considering what further support can be provided. It is also fair to acknowledge that these areas are extremely challenging environments in which to work. And if you are to move beyond the humanitarian response to both the reconstruction phase and the longer-term development work, then it’s right to acknowledge that these are very, very
challenging environments. But in that sense, I know that it is an issue of which we are focused on and I know a number of other international partners are focused on.

PAL-C in the field

recently pal-c attended an event about the future of afghanistan and pakistan, towards the end there was an inquiry made by one of our own interns

at around the 33.50 mark. at Blogged


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beautiful Pakistan

Look how beautiful pakistan is . Its heaven on earth and it has many natural resources but these days Pakistan is having a down fall. No one wants to have a down fall in beautiful country like Pakistan.

Our PAL-C Interns:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Message

This is where we post our own ideas and thoughts on what we feel about the current situation in pakistan. We also attempt to express our own opinions on the current situation in pakistan as it is according to us. We believe that the world is becoming a smaller and smaller place and that we have to realize that we our the world. Often people dismiss problems on the world stage as irrelevant to their own personal lives and situation. Our generation is particularly guilty of this. We have to realize that everything effects us more than we realize. This is not the age of "why do today what you can put off to tomorrow". We are the next generation, and our time is now.

About Us

PAL-C (Pakistani American Leadership Center)
is a group that deals in political advocacy and as a voice for the pakistani american community. There are two main areas in which the PAL-C is involved, a domestic area in which they deal in representing Pakistani Americans to the United States government and battling such issues as racial profiling on a national level. The other main area deals with international aid and a desire to help the current situation in pakistan through political advocacy with the United States congress.

Humayun Akhtar makes new political party

Humayun Akhtar separated itself from the now unpopular musharraf regime by apologizing for the actions taken at that time. He formed a new faction known as the chattas

Pakistani traffic shenanigans

Cool Pakistan Cars

Evidence at last

Hollywood meets pakistan!

Is Baitullah Mehsud alive?

Hakimullah mehsud and Waliur Rehamn called the Press and said that he is dead. People are still not sure if he is dead or alive. People are saying that he is still alive but TTP said he is dead. Is baitullah Mehsud alive?

TTP finally admits Baitullah killed in US strike!

this is the first time that the group has admitted his death. Two of his top aides contacted the Associated Press to inform him that Baitullah was deceased as a result from injuries from an August 5 strike.

Happy Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic Calender. It is islamic month in which muslims refrain from eating,drinking, smoking and indulging in things that are ill natured. In the holy month of Ramadan people fast for the sake of Allah and to offer more prayers than usual. Fasting is meant to teach Muslims patience and modesty.

Happy Ramadan!!

Ramadan Kareem!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pakistan's Independence Day

On August 14th, 2009, millions of Pakistanis from Karachi to Washington D.C celebrated Pakistan's 62 years of independence. Green and white could be found everywhere: from face paintings to the national flags waving high. Celebrations and festival with traditional foods such as chicken tikka, gulab jamin, and other dishes dotted the globe. Performances by national icons entertained everybody and kept up the festivities. The pride and happiness that touched the hearts of many proved it to be a truly glorious day.

Probably the catchiest pakistani song ever

Pakistan cricket

Pakistan rock


We will stand strong Pakistan Zindabad

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Science and Technology in Pakistan

At Karachi University, several industrially useful enzymes were produced. The institute plans on commercializing the enzymes, such as dextran, one of the produced enzymes, which is used in cosmetics and food. By doing so, Pakistan hopes to find their commercializing plan a lucrative one.

The Real Pakistan

Pakistan is not like the Pakistan you see at the news but its more better than that. There isnot war everywhere as people think. Its beautiful country with beautiful cities and alot of places to visit. See the real Pakistan in this video:


Interesting fact about Pakistan is that its the 4th largest producer of Apricot, Cotton and Sugarcane and the largest producer of Date Palm.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


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