Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mr alexander's 6 key steps to development

* Reinforce key anti-corruption bodies, such as the High Office for Oversight and the Control and Audit Office.

* Channel aid through government systems. Only twenty percent of aid currently goes through the Afghan government.

* Support government efforts to provide necessary agricultural supplies, including seeds and fertilizers. The agricultural sector has the potential to create millions of jobs, in addition to providing food security.

* Ensure a consistent power structure and progression of responsibility from local councils through to the provincial governors and the central government in Kabul, across all provinces. A clear national framework will reduce inter-governmental squabbling and strengthen the idea of Afghanistan as a nation.

* Coordinate aid through the UN Assistance Mission to Afghanistan. The donor community should also coordinate and clearly communicate its expectations to the Afghan government,

* Speed up the transfer of civilian and military institutions to Afghan control after the August elections.

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  1. interesting, but how long will it take to complete all this